Baajop Cement Product Offerings

At Baajop Cement, we are committed to producing cement of dependable quality, so when you buy our product, you are not just buying cement, you are also buying a promise of strength.

Dangote 3X 42.5R

Dangote 3X, cement type CEMII 42.5R (A-L) – is a general-purpose cement that is used to produce all kinds of products including C8/10-C35/45 class of concrete.

It has good water retention property and prevents bleeding of fresh concrete; hence, a better appearance of concrete surfaces, and wall plastering.

CEM II 42.5N (B-L) can also be used to produce any concrete according to DIN EN 206-1/ DIN 1045-2. It is a high strength product packaged in a 50kg bag for customer convenience. This cement is ideal for all DIY applications ranging from home repairs to high technical work on building sites.

Iron Rods

Place your order for any type of iron rods and our delivery is fast we supply iron rods and supplies building materials bounding wire fence wire brc etc. We are ready to serve you better always

Timber Wood

Timber Products has sustainably sourced, green-built solutions that take your project to the next level. All of our products are thoughtfully crafted from tree to finish.

Agriculture & Gardening Products

Submersible solar pump
Lorentz PS2-150 HR/C

LORENTZ Solar Water Pumps deliver water to people, livestock and crops using the power of the sun. Simply Sun. Water. Life.

As a company dedicated to solar water pumping, all of our products are designed to be highly reliable and very efficient.

Solar Panels

After all, why rely on others to transport electricity thousands of miles to your home on an aging electrical grid? Why pay more for increasingly less efficient ways to gather fuel? Why not take a stand, and take power back into your own hands?

Studer AJ 254 / AJ 200
Sine wave Inverter 250W 250VA

Features and performances

  • High and steady efficiency
  • Outstanding overload capabilities
  • Digital regulation and control by microprocessor
  • Electrical supply to any type of appliance
  • Full internal protection
  • Stand-by level adjustable from a very low threshold
  • Battery lifetime optimization (B.L.O.) function

RITAR - DC12-200 12V 200AH
- Deep Cycle VRLA Batteries

High Rate Discharge VRLA Batteries

  • Voltage class: 6V/12V
  • Capacity range: 16W~850W
  • Superior energy density and very high power output
  • Wide operation temperature range
  • Suitable for UPS/EPS, data centers where high current loads are required

Bronze Water Taps

Vintage Brass Water Tap, Vintage Water Faucet, Brass Spigot, Water Spigot, Vintage Spigot, Chrome faucet, Brass water faucet, Industrial

Water tanks 1000 L

Capacity1000 L
Diameter (Inch)36-50 Inch
Storage MaterialWater
Layer TypeTriple Layer
Weight(Kilogram)10-30 kg